Help Make Jamie Hyneman’s Next Big Project A Reality

Join the team as we revolutionize the way we walk.

Help Make Jamie Hyneman’s Next Big Project A Reality

The Smartest Electric Shoes Ever That Can Interface With Virtual Reality And More

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Jamie Hyneman's VorTrex Shoes are coming to Indiegogo!

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What You Should Know


The money raised will help the team design, build & test the 7th shoe prototype.


Backers can receive rewards hand-selected by Jamie for their quality & usefulness, and be given an insider’s view of the development process.


If successful, the next step will be production. As a backer you’ll be given priority access to purchase the shoes when finalized.

Planned Electric Shoe VR Features Include:

Haptic Feedback

Automatic Speed Detection

Forward Backward Detection

Automatic Recentering

Compatible With Most Games and VR Systems

Automatically Detects Kicking, Crouching, Squatting, Etc.

Extended Battery Life

In-Game Running Capability

Jamie Tested and Approved Crowdfunding Rewards

Help Jamie’s Project Survive, and He’ll Help You Survive!

Durable Aluminum Case

“These cases can withstand almost anything.”

Victorinox Spirit™ Multi-Tool

“The multi-tool that I carry everyday”

“The Hyneman” Duct Tape

“Duct tape is not a perfect solution to anything. But with a little creativity, in a pinch, it’s an adequate solution to just about everything.”

Rocket Fuel Flask

“Put water in it for emergencies. Or high-proof alcohol to run an engine or start a fire.”

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Press and Game Developers

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